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 FB questions 4/3/2013

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Eric, eater of PC souls

Eric, eater of PC souls

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PostSubject: FB questions 4/3/2013   Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:57 pm


- Can we get a list of the current known Apothocary/Alchemy/Gem stuff? I know I would like to buy pots at some point, maybe even purchase a few gemforged things, but its kinda hard when you don't know what does what.

- Also I was discussing IBGAs with Steven, who was explaining how you can use it to make items and the like. Upon looking at the Productions and Appraisal stuff, I realized a small flaw to things, though this might be clarified easily. I know that before and during the events, we are able to purchase items from a merchant. This cost is all based on Skill X Material X Level of Gemforge (if any), or something to that effect. So basically a Leather Bracer is like 1s, a steel revolver 3s. I could not find anything saying that if you buy it from a merchant its X more what not. Basically whether you made it or bought it, you pay the same thing. Hell, it even seems cheaper to buy a gemforge item under this system (since I believe when making said item you have to put up the gems, materials, AND cost of item as well).
If this is the current state of things, then there can't be a player economy. If merchant sells at the same price as what a PC makes, then why bother making or even selling your goods?
Again, I could have missed where buying something from a merchant is actually a cost multiplier. That would makes sense.
Let me explain using Pathfinder, since its a ruleset I know. I think they simplified things at double the cost...as in whatever price you found in the book for an item, generally if you could make it, it would be half that price (thus you could sell it up to double the cost to be equal to a merchant). I know that if you tried to make a magic item that normal cost 1000g, you make it for 500g. It basically have a 1/2x multiplier if you made it.

Now that being said, hopefully that's what we have in place, so that we as players can compete with NPCs selling goods. This would also allow Plot to get back some of its nice coinage, allow Players to actually set prices for their goods to sell to both Players and NPCs, and help us make use of the Marketplace in the forums. AND on top of that, if we have an economy and IF NPCs researching and making crafted stuff just like players, hey Plot can introduce all sorts of nifty stuff to the game, not just as 'loot' or what not. I could imagine Eric's Armorer's Master crafting a unique leather armor and selling it. Or the Woodsmen selling his stock of items for players to use in their own crafting. Or Ren selling her muffins...

- Can we get an official ruling on using ppd during in game time for researching, like ibgas are done? Also I know many didn't know about downtime during the game for these, and we really didn't have a way to get the full 2 ppds out of this event, so maybe just allowing people to retroactively use just 1 ppd session so that new and old players can craft and research that wasn't able to happen during the event?

- I have a wicked idea. I'm not sure how plot is using music but I have a suggestion. I do security work for Verizon, I get good discounts. While in a store, I was hit w some loud music through several walls. When I asked, a sales person showed me this tiny, like 3' wide speaker. It's Bluetooth,its loud, its nice. Thoughts?


No irl booze, but can I take a clean empty whiskey bottle and *say* it's booze?
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Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young

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PostSubject: Re: FB questions 4/3/2013   Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:07 pm

ok all, I am going to address these really quickly because I'm already 1/2 hour late on my designated bedtime for tonight! LOL! I will look over this thread in more detail tomorrow, but some of it I will need to actually address with Sean over a rules discussion and/or discuss with the rest of plot staff at our plot meeting on Sunday. there are a few things here that we need to actually sit down and discuss and work out the logistics on so we don't give a wishy washy answer. we all need to make sure we're on the same page in the collaboration. that being said, I will try to throw down a few quick answers for now:

- we are working on the list for apothecary and such. this is currently in the works, but it is very time consuming. we may have to fudge things a bit for April but it should be 100% live for June. the biggest issue is that we are having to rework some of my initial material components on the Alchemy and Apothecary skills due to difficulty in finding the various silk flowers to phys rep the herbs and components. once I can take stock of which flowers I have access to I will be able to get a better handle on revamping the material components. and we don't want to release that list until it is 100% complete. as for the gemforge materials list I already sent that to Steven. if anyone else would like a copy just PM me on Facebook and I will forward the message as well.

- startup supplies are done at cost because the Guild is essentially giving you a stipend at cost to finance the Colony. Merchants will have items marked at current market value, and those with the Appraisal skill will be able to calculate that price. that is also in the works, and we are trying to finalize the CMV lists and such as we speak. again, it's very time consuming, so it may not be done by April but should be easily live for the June 3-day.

- as for PPD yes, anyone who did not get to use theirs this gathering may do so retroactively. shoot me an email and we will get those printed in advance this time and have them ready in your checkin envelopes at the april event. we are working on ways to streamline both the item tags and the overall production system now, but it's going to take some time to solidify everything and work out the kinks.

- as for Caitlyn's question about liquor bottles, yes, remove the label or fine a bottle style that looks "period" and you should be just fine. just be aware of the dangers of glass and be cautious about how you attach it and such and you should be fine. printing one's own labels actually works very well if you have a good printer. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: FB questions 4/3/2013   Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:41 pm

I'll post an example cost of gem forged weapons in marketplace
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PostSubject: Re: FB questions 4/3/2013   

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FB questions 4/3/2013
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