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 Welcome to Dark Passages LARP

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PostSubject: Welcome to Dark Passages LARP   Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:23 pm

After nearly a thousand years, the Wayfarers have spoken of new openings within the Periphery. Calls have gone forth from every Nation, seeking those who would join the Explorer’s Guild in discovering new treasures and adventures waiting to be claimed. To some, it is a time of excitement and adventure; when heroes can once again be heroes… For others, it is a time to reflect on ancient worries and half forgotten warnings of that which exists beyond the known world…

Dark Passages LARP is a unique blend of High Fantasy and Steampunk. Magic has been lost for a thousand years, and is just now peeking back into the known world. As such, every aspect of magic is strictly Find Out In Play. Railroads and factories are in full swing in Amari’z, while the first steam-powered ships have just launched to sea trials, and the first six-guns have just hit the open market. The rest of the known world is still relatively primitive in nature. We have mingled a wide variety of cultures, subcultures, and races, so that every potential character concept should be able to find its unique niche within the Realm of Othonia.

Our goal is to deliver a high quality, high intensity game, with a delicate balance of combat, intrigue, and roleplaying challenges. We take our players’ feedback very seriously, and make every attempt to emphasize player-driven plotlines just as much as the overall story.
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Welcome to Dark Passages LARP
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